In our quest for optimum health for our patients, Boonsboro Wellness Center offers thermography, a non-invasive disease detection procedure. Unlike traditional detection methods, which pass sound waves or x-rays through the body, thermography offers practitioners a view at body areas by simply capturing the level of heat energy being emitted—often long before the body is actually manifesting disease in an area. Widely known for its use in detection and tracking of pre-cancerous breast conditions and breast cancers, thermography converts infrared radiation emitted by the skin into electrical impulses that are visualized on a color monitor. In addition to cancerous or pre-cancerous conditions, thermography can help practitioners detect and assess arthritis, dental or sinus issues, immune dysfunction, digestive disorders or conditions that can lead to heart disease--all without the use of invasive procedures. With thermograms, practitioners can also assess the extent of an injury.

Scans are performed at the Boonsboro Wellness Center by Longevity Thermography. To learn more and to schedule a thermography appointment go to

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