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Knee Pain

"This is my first testimonial letter - first time I found something that worked and was worth sharing. After three knee operations and many steroid injections, including experimental mixtures that gave me no relief, I turned to Jeff Worth for acupuncture treatments. On my first visit Jeff said he thought he could help me but not with just acupuncture needles. Instead he suggested a new low-dose laser treatment. I agreed to give this a try and by the second treatment I could tell a big difference in the pain in both my knees. Jeff also tried it on some other painful areas with the same results, and now with laser and needle treatment, I am happy to say my knees are in better shape than they have been in years. I recommend this treatment to anyone in pain. Give it a try!" - Harold Robertson, Boonsboro, MD

Neck Pain

I had been hurting for over two weeks with pain and soreness in my neck, left side of my back and it began to radiate down my left arm. Jeff did one treatment on me and I didn't notice any change when he finished. The next day I was amazed that the soreness began to disappear. By the second day it was unbelievable - the pain was completely gone. After one week the pain never returned. It was awesome! I am a believer. - Joan Jernigan

Pain Relief and Wellness

"My shoulder was killing me. After trying many solutions, a friend recommended acupuncture. At that point I would have tried anything to get some relief. Not only did the treatments work, but after several visits I noticed that I always left the office with an overall feeling of contentment. Years later, I'm still getting treatments. When I go too long without my acupuncture, I crave the mellow feeling it provides. Now, in conjunction with the laser treatments, my aches and pains disappear much quicker. I love it!" - Pache Wagner

"I first tried Jeff's acupuncture skills to ease neurological pain from my late effects of Polio. It distanced me from my pain; gave me a place to stand in my self above and outside the pain; allowed me to regain my confidence that I am above and more than the pain. And, as a bonus, it re-stirred the energetic, creative child in me to go on with my art." - Stan

Back Pain

"I want to share my story about my back. In June 1993 I fell eight feet onto my back. I spent six weeks in bed and wasn't sure if I would walk again. Conventional doctors offered pain management and surgery. I chose another route. I started seeing a chiropractor. The manipulation usually worked, but my pain kept coming back. I continued with these treatments, figuring it was just what needed to be done. I could count on "throwing my back out" every spring (gardening) and every fall (firewood). I'm not sure when I had my first visit with Jeff Worth, around 1999 I think. My back has never felt better. I still need work on my back, but it is very infrequent. I was pleasantly surprised that I had gone almost three years since my last visit. I would (and do) certainly recommend his services to anyone with back pain." - Paul Kadin

"I recently sought out acupuncture treatment for consistent upper back pain.  Whether it was brought on by stress, poor quality sleep or exercise, I wasn't sure, but it was bad enough that I wanted it addressed.  That said, I came away from my first appointment with Joan Strawson feeling such relief I decided then and there that regular treatments would be part of my wellness routine."  - J.S.  

Migraine Headaches

"A little history - I've had problems with allergies/sinus for at least 15 years. I had sinus surgery in 2001 and started allergy shots in May 2004. While consulting with the Allergist, I referred to my sinus headaches and he asked me to explain. I told him that whenever the weather changes (low or high fronts moves in), I get headaches and the whole front of my face hurts so much that I have to take an antihistamine and Tylenol, lay down and wait for it to pass. He told me they were migraines brought on by barometric pressure changes. I also told him I would suffer with as many as 3 or 4 a week if we were having volatile weather patterns (especially spring and fall), and he stated I should go on regular migraine medication daily.

I did not want to do this so I continued to suffer and try everything possible to alleviate the problem short of prescription medications. In May 2005, after my husband's urging, I decided to try acupuncture. I started off twice a week, then once a week, then every other week. Within one month I noticed a difference. I could no longer "predict" the weather changes with my headaches! Now, after four months I've almost forgotten how traumatic and life altering those headaches were!" - Debbie Gottert


"For years I had chronic pain from TMJ and an injury to the right hand sustained in an automobile accident. Surgery had provided some relief for the TMJ, but the pain still returned. When the chiropractor I had seen for treatment of TMJ suggested that I see Jeff Worth for acupuncture, I decided to try it. Nothing else had worked very well and acupuncture had been around for a couple thousand years, it must work.

Acupuncture treatments provided the best and longest lasting pain relief, but periodically overuse would cause my hand to become swollen and painful with the range of motion in my thumb becoming more limited. TMJ pain would also reoccur brought on by stress, clenching the teeth or eating foods that were too hard or chewy. Naturally I was intrigued when Jeff told me he had a new laser acupuncture device that stimulates healing at the cellular level. After a series of treatments my TMJ pain is virtually gone (except for when I foolishly clench my teeth) and my hand no longer hurts. There has been a reduction of the swelling that had persisted for years and greatly improved mobility of my thumb. I have been very pleased with the results of the laser acupuncture treatments." - Elaine Barnett

Auto-Immune Disease/Sarcoidosis

"Two months ago in a matter of hours, I went from being an active, energetic, 34 year old male to being so muscle sore and arthritic that I could barely walk.

I made numerous trips to doctors and specialists who eventually diagnosed me with sarcoidosis. This is an ailment in which your immune system goes awry and attacks muscles, joints and other systems. The traditional treatment is a twelve month course of prednisone - a steroid with many side effects.

I came to Jeff in hopes of getting relief without the use of steroids. Within 24 hours of my first treatment, I felt dramatic improvement in my symptoms. Over the next six weeks my symptoms have resolved completely without the aid of prednisone. My doctors found the speed of my recovery remarkable." - H.D.

Neck and Elbow Pain

"Because of the type of work I do, I have developed long standing neck and elbow pain. After exhaustive search for relief that included my medical doctor and my chiropractor, I decided to give acupuncture a try…what was there to lose? I went to Boonsboro Wellness Center. I have had great success and relief of my pain. Jeff Worth has been very professional and has made me feel very comfortable. In fact, I often fall asleep during treatments because I am so relaxed. Acupuncture has helped relieve my pain and I am glad I chose Boonsboro Wellness Center." - James Horner


"Insomnia had plagued me for twenty-one years. It would take hours for me to fall asleep. And once asleep, I was unable to stay asleep for more than two straight hours at any given time. After being sleep deprived for so long, I was beginning to wonder if I'd ever sleep well again. I felt as if I was going through life "just going through the motions" in a zombie-like mental state trying hard to get through each and every day.

I began receiving regular acupuncture treatments in March 2005. I began to notice an improvement after a few months - the first sign was being able to fall asleep. I was thrilled!

My treatments continued. The next sign was being able to sleep for a longer period of time without waking. I am currently sleeping five to six hours without waking. No more two hour night "naps" for me! I am so excited that I found a natural way to help my sleepless nights." - N.H.

Chronic Pain

"My association with Jeff Worth and the Boonsboro Wellness Center began in December of 2006. A birthday gift consult from my daughter cajoled me into exploring acupuncture as a possible remedy for chronic and debilitating pain in my right knee. While living in China she had a positive experience using acupuncture to cure a persistent cold and felt I should give it a chance since I had not been cured by conventional medical interventions. My delay acting on the gift consultation from October till December reflects some skepticism on my part. At the point I overcame my doubts I dutifully completed the questionnaire identifying several chronic conditions causing me pain and discomfort then reported at the agreed-to appointment time. Jeff was thorough and straightforward in his assessment during the consultation. He was honest in admitting that given the severity of my knee condition he could only promise temporary relief at best and would not recommend investing in treatment to address that condition. He did however believe that my persistent chronic neck, shoulder and lower back pain would respond to treatment and offered the option of focusing on those areas of concern. I agreed to a four-session program targeted at determining the optimum treatment strategy for my conditions.

While I detected benefits from the various treatment options it was decided that given the severity and lengthy duration of the underlying problems being treated, a more aggressive approach combining acupuncture coupled with electrical stimulation and massage would result in the best recuperative benefits. At the outset I followed an aggressive twice-weekly session schedule to capture quick gains. The strategy was successful because I could report significant improvement at my first evaluation milestone. As gains were made I was able to stretch the periods between treatments without apparent relapse and I am now at a point of scheduling treatments on a three-week interval.

Ironically without actually targeting my knee for treatment, the benefits derived from the other treatments seem to have provided a positive impact on underlying causes of my knee pain. As a result I find I am much more mobile with significantly less chronic pain. I attribute this to Jeff's holistic approach to treatment. In addition to the targeted treatment he always takes a pulse on issues affecting general wellbeing that impact other parts of the body. He listens to specific concerns and tailors treatments to address those issues. So in addition to reducing the impact from chronic conditions he responds in ways that produce a more heightened sense of wellbeing.

Probably the thing that I find most gratifying is that I am aware of individuals with equivalent symptoms having either resorted to steroid injections or operations to help them deal with the pain and mobility issues I faced. I am pleased that my acupuncture treatments have helped me avoid such radical measures, not to mention the fact that I feel my condition has improved to the point I do not see the need to consider more radical measures.

While my major concerns have been abated to the point I probably do not have to continue treatment, I maintain a sustaining treatment schedule because I continue to see benefits from my treatment sessions. Jeff is very alert to addressing any new concerns so I feel that gives me a level of insurance for continued wellbeing." - Ronald E. Williams

Digestive Disorder

"For almost six weeks, my whole digestive system was malfunctioning. After each meal, my abdomen was in agony. I had indescribable pain caused by bloating and gas, and I was constipated off and on for the entire six weeks. In addition, I was exhausted. I had no energy to go about my normal life.

Fed up with these symptoms, I decided to visit Jeff's office. In the first appointment, he did both acupuncture and abdominal massage. My well-being immediately started going uphill. The very next day, my energy level was back to normal and the stomach pain was gone. I credit all of this healing to Jeff's work only." - C.S.

Heavy Menstrual Flow

"Before receiving treatment, my cycle lasted 9 to 14 days. The cramping was bad. I had flooding heavy enough to restrict activities and was feeling tired and worn out. After three months of acupuncture, my cycle was only lasting 6 - 7 days with only slight cramping. I had no flooding at all. I developed a feeling of overall wellness." - Dianna Hammond

Stop Smoking

"I realized, finally, that I needed professional help to quit smoking as attempt after attempt on my personal efforts failed. I decided to try acupuncture for the "whole body" experience. I had been a smoker for 30 years. There were brief periods of abstinence, but for the most part, I was a social to moderate smoker. Acupuncture decreased my desire for cigarettes within six weeks of regular treatments and by eight weeks, I had stopped completely.

A wonderful bonus I did not expect with acupuncture treatment to stop smoking is that not only did the urge to smoke go completely away, but to this day (8 months later), I feel like I have never smoked a cigarette! I feel like I was never a smoker and that is a feeling I've never had before. It is simply wonderful!

Thank you acupuncture and Jeff Worth!" - Grace Borell