The Dragon's Way

The Dragon’s Way is unique

Serious stress and weight management program based on traditional Chinese medicine principles

  • Revitalizes your life force (Qi)
  • Reawakens the ability to heal yourself
  • Based on ancient principles of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM)
  • Uses Wu Ming Meridian Therapy
  • Ancient self-healing Qigong practice
  • The key to powering and rebalancing your organ systems
  • Allows you to ‘give up’ or ‘let go’ of excess weight naturally

Why use the Dragon’s Way?

A healthy way to shed weight that can be used for a lifetime

Unlike ordinary "diet" programs:

  • Focuses on rebalancing the body
  • Restores harmony to all five organ systems
  • Changes the way you think about food
  • It’s about healing
  • A healthy body does not hold onto weight
  • Heals the root cause of your weight problem

We have taught eleven six-week programs with over seventy 'graduates' thus far. Here is what some of the participants are saying:

  • "I’ve lost weight! And I'm sleeping better!"
  • "Muscle pain has disappeared!"
  • "I have better digestion and less fatigue."
  • "I feel calmer and more focused."
  • "Loved it! Life changing!"
  • "Enlightening!"

I am very excited to offer you the Dragon's Way® program at the Boonsboro Wellness Center.
THE DRAGON’S WAY® is a six-week weight and stress management program that offers a unique way to lose weight. It is so much more than any weight loss program you have encountered before. Even if weight is not your issue The Dragon’s Way allows you to regain your health, rebalance your body, and recapture the knowledge to heal yourself and stay healthy.
It accomplishes this in three easy steps:

  1. Learn TEN simple Qigong ”energy” movements that can be done anywhere and are designed to awaken your body’s ability to heal
  2. Enjoy a flavorful and satisfying Dragon’s Way “Eating for Healing” plan, specifically created to increase and strengthen your inner life force (Qi).
  3. Gain valuable insights into the amazing interconnection of your body, mind, emotions and spirit, and how each affects your health and weight.

After meeting Dr. Nan Lu, the founder and creator of The Dragon’s Way, I began practicing the Wu Ming energy movements. The changes were so remarkable that I was inspired to become an instructor. After graduating from the instructor training program in New York, I have taught several groups at the Boonsboro WellnessCenter and have seen equally wonderful changes in the participant’s lives.
It is my pleasure to invite you to a FREE INTRODUCTORY CLASS to find out if The Dragon’s Way is for you.