Drum and Journey Circles

Thousands of years ago, around 6000 BC, our ancestors made the first musical instrument: the drum. The drum has been used throughout human history; every culture on Earth has used a drum in some fashion. The beat of the drum has the power to relax, energize and transport us. Science has studied the effects of repetitive rhythms on the brain, and has discovered that drumming quickly alters our brain patterns from Beta to Alpha waves. Drumming is a simple yet effective way of altering human consciousness. If you have tried meditation and find it difficult, or are ready to deepen your current meditation practice, join us for the drum and journey circle.

Our Circle

Our drum and journey circle uses the beat of the drum, in combination with other relaxation techniques, to assist the listener in gaining access to his/her Inner Wisdom. This technique, in various forms, is used in many cultures as a shamanic practice. Our drum and journey circle does not follow any specific cultural paradigm, and is open to people of all religious and spiritual backgrounds, as well as to those who have no religious or spiritual practice. The techniques used in our circle to create an altered state represent many cultural “core” practices. There is no right or wrong way to experience your personal journey. All are welcome.

The Event

This event lasts approximately 2 hours. Please plan to arrive on time so that the circle will not be interrupted. Below is a rough outline of the 2 hour circle

  • Form the circle
  • Participant introductions
  • Facilitator speaks
  • Group drumming
  • Guided meditation
  • Practitioner drums for participants as they journey
  • Call back and journaling time
  • Participant sharing
  • Open Circle
  • Light snack for grounding
  • What to Bring

You truly only need to bring yourself and openness to the event– but here are some suggested items:

  • A pillow and light blanket. The best way to journey is to lie flat on the floor, however chairs will be provided for those who prefer to sit.
  • An eye cover. Using a bandana or other eye cover can help eliminate distraction.
  • A drum, rattle, rain stick, or other percussion instrument. This is NOT mandatory– extra instruments will be provided.
  • A notebook & pen or pencil. Many people like to write down their experiences. Journeying can be similar to dreaming; it is often difficult to remember the details as time passes.
  • Any small item that assists you in connecting to Source. This may be a medicine bag, prayer beads, animal totem figurine, crystal, etc.

What to Expect

Rhythmic drumming can produce deep relaxation, a mental and/or physical sense of well being, easing of physical pain, a release of deep emotions, feelings of being light and energized, and mental imagery & visualization known here as a journey. You can expect to experience some or all of these.

Some attendees of drum & journey circles do not have “journeys” during their first several attempts. A journey is an inner visualization that carries a message of importance or value to the individual. Please be patient with yourself and know that your experience is PERFECT for you. In time most people can and do experience a journey during the circle.

One of the major obstacles to any meditation practice is the constant chatter in our minds. In this circle, this voice is referred to as “ego”. It is the commentator within each of us that keeps up a continual dialogue which judges and categorizes every experience we have. Bypassing the ego is the goal of all meditation practices. Behind the ego, we have access to a vast pool of knowledge. Your ego WILL try and get in your way. Try not to get frustrated, but instead make the mind chatter part of the experience. Do not try and stop it– you cannot stop the mind chatter for very long. Treat your ego as you would a small child, with indulgence and kindness. Acknowledge the inner voice, and then turn back to your meditation.

You may also experience a heightened connectedness with the group. This is the phenomenon of entrainment. There are several definitions of this word; the one we are referring to here is “The alignment of an organism's rhythm to that of an external rhythm in its environment”. Entrainment occurs when people or things begin to align with each other through the sharing of energy. Example of entrainment: Pendulums brought close together will swing in unison; crickets will chirp together; fireflies near each other flash as one. The principles of entrainment are universal; they show up in chemistry, biology, astronomy and more. Entrainment between people alleviates feelings of self centeredness, alienation & isolation.

Your Facilitator

Kristen Dorsey is a shamanic practitioner. She has been practicing shamanism in its various cultural forms since the early 1990’s. In 2004 , Kristen began a course of study with Michael Harner’s Foundation for Shamanic Studies. The FSS focuses on Core Shamanism, the universal or near-universal principles and practices of shamanism not bound to any specific cultural group or perspective. Her training in core shamanism includes cross cultural teachings to alter consciousness through classic shamanic non-drug techniques such as repetitive drumming, as well as shamanic healing techniques such as extraction healing and soul retrieval, and shamanic healing ceremonies such as Fire Ceremony . She has also studied shamanism under Dana & Shana Robinson & Shaman Elder Maggie Wahls.

Additionally, Kristen has studied and practices Aromatherapy, EFT (emotional freedom technique) and is currently working on certification as a Quantum Touch practitioner. She is also passionate about dance as a healing modality, and has been belly dancing for over 5 years.

You may contact Kristen by email: Kristen.Dorsey@yahoo.com



Sunday, December 18th, 1 pm

Cost: $20

Please call to register



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